Friends Rave About How Amazed Her Home Smell. Here's Her Simple DIY Solution

+How pleasant it is to enter  house that smells good ! 
+What can you do to have  home that smells good at all times?
+Here are some easy tips to making your home even warmer and more welcoming !

light candles
Adopt home fragrances
Macerate things that smell good
Make your own homemade potpourri
lavender water
Cook more often
Sting an orange with cloves
Create a special corner for your pet

1. Light candles
In my opinion, candles are simply essential! They will allow you to have a pleasant smell at all times in your home, in addition to giving a personality to each room in your home.
Vanilla, strawberry, rose, pine, cinnamon, chocolate cake... There are thousands of flavors!

2. Adopt home fragrances
I'm addicted to home fragrances, I have dozens of them at home. It's the perfect solution to get a great smell instantly!
You can even have a different scent for each room in your home, because there is a panoply of scents for all tastes!

3. Steep things that smell good
Macerate a mixture of aromatic herbs and essential oils, then your home will immediately become more inviting!
Sliced ​​oranges, vanilla pod, rose petals... Heat in water over a hot fire for several minutes and you will see, the result is incredible.

4. Make your own homemade potpourri
Don't buy artificial potpourri anymore! Choose a container that you like and create your own according to your tastes. You can put a lot of things in it: nuts, rose petals, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla extracts...

Try it, you won't be disappointed!
5. Lavender water
In addition to smelling divinely good, lavender has a lot of benefits. Every night before I go to bed, I make sure to put it all over my bed and my pillows. I sleep like a baby!

6. Cook more often
Try cooking foods you like more regularly at home. The smells that will invade your home will be most pleasant!

Your guests will also be delighted, we promise!
7. Sting an orange with cloves
It's well known that pricking an orange with cloves produces a good smell.

In addition, the orange can become a very original decorative object. You can hang your work or put it near your potpourri in the center of the table... There are several options!
8. Create a special corner for your pet

It's well known that having a pet can lead to unpleasant odors. Be sure to set up a special corner for your pet in a room of the house and clean this place often to avoid any bad odors.
And you, what are your solutions to make your home always smell good?